Why content and How it is Processed at Alpha content?

Content is for audience primarily to know about a business, product, service or any other and acquire information on Internet for understanding and decision-making. Available in various types - web content, blogs, press release, reviews, white papers, ebooks, and search engine optimization, it’s never the same with the stormy growth in using Tablets, laptops and mobiles. Online or offline business presence, content is the primemost requirement for network connectivity.

The developing process of content at Alpha content writing is thoroughly professional to deliver customer satisfaction. From ideation to the writing stage, conceptual content development is crucially pursued. Further, there is a content strategy research for generating brand new ideas before designing content outline.

The dos’ and don’ts are strictly adhered to follow the time-line of content preparation, plagiarism check, readability score and unique quality.

My name is Arundhathi and I go by Aru. I turned my passion of writing into a profession and totally enjoyed the transition.

Am a writer with more than decade of writing experience in content marketing, content strategy and social media marketing. Commerce Graduate and Masters in English Literature with certifications in content strategy, communication science, Catalyst X Leadership, Google Digital Unlocked (Digital skills for small business), Basics of Adsense and Google Analytics.

I've taken English Language writing contracts across U.S, Europe, Asia and Middle East for developing content in various models.

With exclusive experience in content development, attach special significance with criteria approach, applying Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (The theory of human motivation) ensuring interactive and engaging content. Content with purpose, aimed at certain specific targets such as website traffic, Call-to-Action (CTA) sales, marketing, brand management, identity and advertising. Applying content strategy for content marketing needs, pursues human-centered content for driving businesses and customer interests.

I live in India, and when not writing, I get busy in growing vegetables, flowers, plants, cooking and changing my home decor.


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Designing formal weekly and monthly newsletters. Creating advertising content.


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The writing process begins with a content outline and persona. Small or large scale business, website content gets a multi-fold opportunity for high performance. The quality of content would be to reach audience with a message that enables a come-back for new visitors and to stay permanently as a satisfied customer. Perfect proofreading, quality check and top performing content is produced. Builds credibility, reliability, loyalty, responsive feedback and CTA.


Developing blog content is carried out in a methodical and systematic approach such as by new idea of introduction, point of discussion and a conclusion. As content is expected to interact with audience, a blog post is personified for retaining the attention and interest. Taking long and short form of blog post within the range of 1000-2000 words, there are no violations of plagiarized content, repetition of content published elsewhere or such other whereas blog piece is new and comprehensive written according to the business aiming at the needs of readers.


As you assign SEO keywords for articles, Alpha content processes new ideas for content development and builds personal stories. The first rule of content marketing is to tell a story that is known for bud of interest to make it grow throughout the article. Stories truly sell. But it’s a unique stature to how-to-start and what-to-say in the end. Alpha content kneads stories that are close to the customer mindset and understanding. Keyword density is strictly followed while making the article look absolutely interesting for long-term results.


As the required data and information is made available, the process of content preparations begins making it much readable and profitable. As both business owners and audience derive the benefit, developing content with dual interests is most crucial for the success of a press release. The information is organized applying customer psychology, reading behavior and business interests. Quality check and quality assurance is done prior to the submission.

Genuinely interesting content is prepared here. Discussion of highlights with logic framework and carefully drawn positive feedback and conclusions are stated. Preferential interests are to the decisions of customers, whereas the review is favorably written. Agreeably, customers have first product outlook, second analysis, third reading of a review, is a regular process before making a purchase.


Facebook page @alphacontent, there are many posts available that reiterate a fact of writing experience in facebook posts. With many followers who always look for what’s new on the alpha content page, the shares and engagement activity on the facebook posts is more. As you assign the task of writing facebook posts, clear analysis is made in identifying audience, product competition, forecast of viewers and reach of posts. The goal and objective is considered while preparing content.

Professional resumes are written with extensive groundwork. It lays down an in-depth research of SWOT analysis, KPI metrics, expertise areas and proven accomplishments. Taking a lengthy process, Alpha content digs deep into candidate’s profile for the selection of top keywords for job forecast, immediate job applications and long-term results. Candidates are happy to reach alpha content for a satisfied and successful jobs and resume writing service.


It works greatly with Alpha content. Because, involved in research on a routine, Internet research is one of the favorite activities. Apart from acquiring data, the analytical process of what is required is yet another qualifying step for the processing of white paper content preparation. Submission to you is made only after inhouse satisfaction and approval.

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